Ignitis Group‘s Strategy

Creating an Energy-Smart world

Creating an Energy-Smart world and committing to a more sustainable future is an essential part of all Ignitis Group’s activities.

Ignitis Group is implementing its strategy by focusing on its commitment to contribute to the decarbonisation of the energy sector through the modernisation of energy system, development of green energy generation, introduction of innovations and compliance with the environmental, social and good corporate governance principles. Financial discipline and returns to its shareholders remain key to Ignitis Group's strategy. 

Ignitis Group aligns its business goals with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and is committed to reduce net carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions to zero by 2050. The strategy of Ignitis Group is also aligned with the targets of Lithuania’s National Energy Independence Strategy.

Ignitis Group is looking to maintain clear leadership in its local markets – the Baltic Sates, Poland and Finland – and will explore new opportunities in countries which are in the energy transition path.

Strategy   Strategic plan 2022–2025

Strategic Plan 2021–2024 is available here

Strategic Plan 2020–2023 is available here

Our vision, mission and values

In our vision, we transform for a more sustainable world.

In everything we do, we are united by the mission to make the world more energy smart.

Each day we develop energy that works ever better, smarter and more conveniently. Our values unite, motivate and inspire us.



Care. Do. For Earth.
Starting with myself.


Diverse. Strong.


See. Understand. Share.
Open to the world.


Curious. Bold.

Our strategic priorities

Creating a sustainable future

No coal. No nuclear. Becoming CO2 neutral. ESG principles driven

Growing renewables

Growing renewables to meet regional energy commitments

Ensuring resilience, enabling transition

Ensuring resilience and flexibility of the energy system. Enabling energy transition and evolution

Capturing growth opportunities

Capturing growth opportunities and developing innovative solutions to make life easier and more energy smart

Our goals

summary 2025