Ignitis Group has established the Innovation Hub in order to become a globally competitive energy company. The aim is to attract 500 innovation ideas before 2021.

Directions of cooperation:

Atvira infrastruktūra ir duomenys

Open Infrastructure and Data

You can test the energy technology under real conditions in the Group’s project – Sandbox. The companies of the Ignitis Group allow access to the infrastructure and certain data for the development of your technologies.
Atviras finansavimas

Open Financing

The Smart-Energy Venture Capital Fund established by the Ignitis Group, managed by Contrarian Ventures, will help the start-ups to find the best financing opportunities.

Atvira partnerystė

Open Partnership

This model is adapted to suit universities, educational institutions, energy and business companies to find joint projects in R&D (Research and development), piloting fields or the development of other joint projects.
Atvira kultūra

Open Culture

This direction is for anyone who wishes to participate in energy hackathons organised by the Ignitis Group, also, the employees of the Group who wish to create their own innovations.

More information about the Innovation Hub, the events and ongoing projects can be found on the cooperation platform of the Innovation Centre, or contact via us e-mail