Ignitis Innovation Fund


Ignitis Innovation Fund has been established in order to finance start-ups and early-stage companies that develop energy solutions. The Innovation Fund helps attract talent and ideas from outside, the potential of which can be used to increase the quality and efficiency of services. Also, the activities of the venture capital fund allow for sustainable growth of added value and increase of Lithuania's competitiveness.


The purpose of Ignitis Innovation Fund is to finance the development of solutions for start-ups and early-stage companies in Lithuania, the European Economic Area and Israel, and to create financial returns for investors through income and capital gains. The Fund plans to invest about 2 million euros each year to start-ups developing energy solutions. Fund invests in start-ups developing new technologies in energy and electric mobility, which can also be applied in the activities of Ignitis Group.

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In 2017, Contrarian Ventures by public choice was elected as the manager of Ignitis Innovation Fund. 98.3% of the Fund shares are managed by Ignitis Group and the rest – by Contrarian Ventures.

You can find more information about the Fund, its establishment and the investment areas in the attached document.

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