Key facts

  • “Ignitis Group” by revenue is the largest group of energy companies in the Baltic States. Group companies operate in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and Finland. Group innovation fund invests in energy startups in the UK, Norway, France and Israel.
  • The group’s core activities include power and heat production and supply, power and natural gas trading and distribution, power system maintenance and development as well as development of smart energy solutions. The group’s companies supply power and natural gas to about 1.6 million business and private customers.
  • “Ignitis Group” gives priority to green energy, aiming to become the region’s main competence center for new energy and a leader in distributed energy solutions in the Baltic Sea region and beyond.
  • Currently “Ignitis Group” owns three wind farms operating in Lithuania with a combined capacity of 58 MW and an 18 MW wind farm in Estonia. The group is also building a 94 MW wind farm in Poland’s Pomerania region and intends shortly to begin construction of a 60 MW wind farm in Mažeikiai, Lithuania.
  • The group owns Elektrėnai Complex with 1055 MW of power production capacity. It also operates Kruonis Pumped Storage Hydroelectric Power plant, which is unique in the region and has a 900 MW capacity, and the 100.8 MW-capacity Kaunas Algirdas Brazauskas Hydroelectric Power Plant.
  • The group’s companies are currently building modern waste-to-energy cogeneration (CHP) plants in Vilnius and Kaunas. Vilnius CHP plant will have heat production capacity of 229 MW and electrical capacity of 92 MW. Kaunas CPH plant’s respective capacities will be 70 MW and 24 MW.
  • “Ignitis Group” invests in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. It has issued EUR 600 million worth of green bonds. The proceeds are being used for a variety of projects in Lithuania with a forecast to reduce carbon emissions by 700,000 tons every year.
  • “Ignitis Group” has consolidated revenue of EUR 1.254 billion last year. Approximately 4,000 employees work in the group.
  • All “Ignitis Group” shares belong to the Republic of Lithuania.