Management Bodies

Management Board and CEO

The Management Board is a collegial management body envisaged in the Ignitis Group’s Articles of Association. Its members are elected for a four-year term, and removed, by the Supervisory Board on the proposal of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee.

The Management Board, which consists of five members, elects from among its members a chairman, who is the company’s CEO.

The members of the Management Board, within their competence, must ensure the proper conduct of the company’s operations and/or attention to the relevant areas at the group level. Work on the Management Board is remunerated in keeping with the guidelines established by the company’s shareholder.

No members of the Management Board participate in the capital of the company or of group enterprises.

The term of the Ignitis Group’s current Management Board ends on 31 January 2022.

Share Allocation Rules

On September 16, 2020, the Share Allocation Rules of AB Ignitis Grupė (hereinafter – the Rules) were approved. The Rules entered into force on the day of admission of the Company’s shares to trading on the Main Trading List of AB Nasdaq Vilnius.

The Rules provide that employees of the Company and its subsidiaries, including members of the Management Board of the Company, will have the opportunity to participate in the share option program.

Among other things, the Rules aims to increase the motivation of employees to increase the value of the Group's companies, to create motivation for key managers to pursue sustainable and long-term strategic goals.

Share Allocation Rules

Darius Maikštėnas
Chairman of the Board, CEO

Dr. Živilė Skibarkienė
Member of the Board, Organisational Development Director
Darius Kašauskas
Member of the Board, Finance and Treasury Director
Dominykas Tučkus
Member of the Board, Infrastructure and Development Director
Vidmantas Salietis
Member of the Board, Commerce and Services Director