Prevention of corruption

Ignitis Group is committed to acting in a responsible and harmonious manner, thus it does not tolerate any form of corruption in its daily activities, and advocates fair business and transparent communication with all interested parties.

Anti-corruption policy

We encourage you to report any unethical behaviour of the Group's employees or representatives, cases of discrimination or corruption, and other issues of concern to the Trust Line.

Contacts of the Trust Line:
Tel. No. +370 640 88889 

These contacts are available to both employees and all stakeholders.

The Trust Line guarantees the confidentiality of the reporting person and complies with the requirements of the Law on the Protection of Whistleblowers. The evaluation of the information provided in the reports is performed by the employees of the Business Resilience Service of Ignitis Group

Ignitis Group strives to conduct its business according to the highest ethical requirements and principles, in compliance with standards of openness, honesty and integrity; therefore, we will be grateful if you report on any noticed violations or express your suspicions regarding them. We guarantee the confidentiality and the protection of the whistleblowers.

Protection of whistleblowers

It is important for us to maintain good relations with partners, so sometimes we thank each other for their work with gifts. At Ignitis Group, we register all received and provided gifts in the dedicated gift register. Group employees do not accept the following gifts:
- cash, gift vouchers, discount cards / coupons, alcoholic beverages,
- gifts exceeding the market value of 150 Eur.

We are working on a unified anti-corruption management system to operate in all Ignitis Group’s companies. We are implementing a system that would combine all currently existing anti-corruption elements and would be integrated into other Group’s processes. The new system will meet the requirements of the international certificate ISO 370001.The Group is currently completing the first phase of the implementation of the system and the following elements are working as intended:
- Gift register;
- Private interests declaration;
- Conflict of interest management system;
- Due diligence of candidates, staff, business partners, transactions;
- Trust line;
- Code of Ethics;
- Anti-corruption training.