Dominykas Tučkus is leaving the positions held at Ignitis Group

04 June 2021
Dominykas Tučkus is leaving the positions held at Ignitis Group

Having made the decision to continue the career path abroad, Dominykas Tučkus, Management Board Member of the Company and Business Development and Infrastructure Director, is resigning from the positions held at Ignitis Group after ten years of service. He contributed to important energy projects, such as supply of first large LNG cargoes, development of Vilnius and Kaunas combined heat and power plants as well as wind development.

Starting from 2018, Dominykas Tučkus has also held positions of Ignitis Gamyba Supervisory Board Chair, Ignitis Supervisory Board Member, Ignitis Renewables Management Board Member and Vilniaus Kogeneracinė Jėgainė Management Board Chair.

“Over a decade of working at Ignitis Group, Dominykas significantly contributed to the Group becoming an international, modern company developing smart energy. We are grateful for his significant contribution in implementing complex projects important to national energy independence, should it be supply of one of the first LNG cargoes or development of cogeneration plants and wind farms, and we wish him well in his future career path”, said Darius Maikštėnas, Management Board Chair and CEO at Ignitis Group.

Dominykas Tučkus joined Ignitis Group in 2011. He had held the position of Head of Economy Division at the Visagino Atominė Elektrinė project, and from 2013 he had led the company Litgas (currently – Ignitis) for over two years. Since 2016 Dominykas Tučkus has held the position of Group Management Board Member while curating areas of generation, services and development as well as contributed to management of other Group companies by participating in the activities of their Management or Supervisory Boards.

Mr Tučkus was also one of the initiators of Ignitis Innovation Fund, which finances start-ups developing energy solutions and companies which are in the early stage of development.

“Working at Ignitis Group has proved on more than one occasion that people are the most important factor in the energy sector – without the support of colleagues, determination and constant strive to improve and aim for new heights, the path which the Group and the entire national energy sector has paved could not have been possible. Ignitis Group has demonstrated time and time again that it can continue to create a better and smarter energy, and I am proud to have been a part of this process for a decade”, shared Dominykas Tučkus.

Mr. Tučkus will continue working in Ignitis Group until 25 June, inclusive.

The Company’s Supervisory Board was informed about the resignation of Dominykas Tučkus and decided against a selection of a new Member of the Management Board.

"Term of current Board of Ignitis Group is coming to an end, and the selection of a new member of the Board would take several months. Therefore, considering this circumstance, the areas of activities supervised by Dominykas Tučkus will be allocated to the remaining four members of the Board. This decision will ensure the continuity of the Group's activities and implementation of strategic goals”, said Daiva Lubinskaitė-Trainauskienė, independent member of the Supervisory Board of Ignitis Group, Chairperson of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee.

The detailed distribution of the areas of activities supervised by Dominykas Tučkus among the members of the Board of the Company will be decided in the nearest meeting of the Supervisory Board. The Company will inform about it in a separate notice.

Currently, Dominykas Tučkus, Živilė Skibarkienė, Darius Kašauskas and Vidmantas Salietis are members of the Board of Ignitis Group, and Darius Maikštėnas is the Chairman of the Board.

The changes in the composition of the Management Board of Ignitis Group do not impact the implementation of the approved Group’s strategy or financial results.