Selected independent member of Ignitis Polska Supervisory Board

23 August 2021
Selected independent member of Ignitis Polska Supervisory Board

Successfully developing in Polish market, Ignitis Polska, a subsidiary of Ignitis, has selected an independent member of the Supervisory Board. The position was awarded to Agnieszka Nosal, who has over 20 years of experience in consulting and energy sector.

The Independent Member of Ignitis Polska Supervisory Board has held a managerial position in international company providing professional services Ernst&Young, Polish electricity distributor PKP Energetyka and German energy company Innogy (currently – part of E.ON).

“Agnieszka Nosal’s diverse experience will strengthen Ignitis Polska with new competences and help the company achieve ambitious development goals. Knowledge of the new Supervisory Board Independent Member in international business environment will become an additional driving factor leading the company’s development”, says Vidmantas Salietis, Member of the Management Board and Commerce and Services Director at Ignitis Group.

“Joining the company’s Supervisory Board will allow me to utilise the knowledge gained in different sectors in this dynamic and rapidly changing energy sector. Focus on new sustainable energy solutions is increasing in Poland every year while Ignitis Polska has already proven that it is a reliable solutions’ partner”, states Agnieszka Nosal.

Agnieszka Nosal will be appointed as the Independent Member of the Supervisory Board for the term ending in 18 February 2024 – the end of term of the current Supervisory Board of Ignitis Polska.

The Supervisory Board of Ignitis Polska comprises three members: two representatives of UAB “Ignitis” and one independent member.

Currently, the other members of Ignitis Polska Supervisory Board are Mantas Mikalajūnas, Director of International Development at Ignitis Group, and Artūras Bortkevičius, Chief Executive Officer at Ignitis.

Ignitis Polska, operating in Polish market since 2017, has entered the wholesale electricity and gas market of the country and has joined the Nasdaq Commodities OMX market operating in Scandinavia. Also, in July 2020 the company became an electricity and gas supplier actively participating in the Polish retail markets of electricity and gas, and the company has started trading in the Dutch gas trading platform TTF this February.