In preparation of consolidation of renewable energy companies, a selection of Ignitis Renewables executives has been announced

26 August 2021
In preparation of consolidation of renewable energy companies, a selection of Ignitis Renewables executives has been announced

Ignitis Group is planning to consolidate its renewable energy companies under one roof of Ignitis Renewables, also it is estimated that there is going to be a rapid growth of green generation both in Lithuania and the Baltic states as well as in Poland, therefore, Ignitis Renewables has announced a selection of a team of top-level executives.

Today Ignitis Renewables announced selections for a total of five positions of top-level executives: Chief Executive Officer, COO Wind and Solar, COO Combined Heat and Power, COO Offshore Wind and Chief Financial Officer.

After the consolidation, the scope of activities of Ignitis Renewables will increase, which will lead to an increase in the responsibilities of the executive team. Thus, the aim is to supplement the current competences with new ones. Both internal and external candidates will be able to participate in the selection.

“Ignitis Renewables has a strong team with extensive experience, but the Company is planning a rapid expansion of green generation in the Baltic states and Poland as well as to develop the areas where there are no competences in Lithuania yet, therefore, we want to attract additional professionals with international experience to the executive team. With rapid development of green energy across the globe, the market competition to get them is enormous. We believe that challenges and perspectives which are offered by Ignitis Group will help attract leaders with experience in the area of renewable energy”, says Darius Maikštėnas, Chief Executive Officer of Ignitis Group.

The selections are conducted together with LSP Renewables, a renewable energy talent & recruitment specialist.

The Group is consistently working towards achieving the strategic goal – to develop 4 GW of green generation capacity by 2030, therefore, it will continue to look for development opportunities not only in Lithuania, but also abroad. Recently the company has acquired three wind farm projects in early stages of development in Latvia, and the partnership with one of the largest wind energy developers Ocean Winds is being fostered while developing together a wind farm in Scotland.

Ignitis Renewables will manage not only all companies of Ignitis Group operating and developing wind and solar projects, but also Kauno Kogeneracinė Jėgainė and Vilniaus Kogeneracinė Jėgainė. So, this company will be responsible for implementation of onshore and offshore wind, solar, waste-to-energy and biomass energy projects. Ignitis Gamyba will remain responsible for the capacities of the hydro energy segment.

About Ignitis Renewables:

Ignitis Renewables manages renewable energy sources in the Baltics and Poland as well as is responsible for effective operation of wind farms, supervision of farms under construction and development of new ones. While developing new wind and solar energy generation projects, the company is implementing the strategic goal of Ignitis Group – to develop 4 GW of installed green generation capacity by 2030.