The Innovation Hub of Lietuvos Energija Group is expanding its activities – opens up the data to the market

29 August 2019
The Innovation Hub of Lietuvos Energija Group is expanding its activities – opens up the data to the market

The Innovation Hub of Lietuvos Energija Group, one of the largest energy groups in the Baltic States, having previously opened up the energy infrastructure, takes new initiative – starts publishing open datasets. Analysis and utilization of such data are expected to help develop new energy innovations and services.

In the first phase, all interested market players can easily and free of charge access and use four datasets provided by Energijos skirstymo operatorius which meet the requirements of publicly available data. The publicly available data includes information of the installed capacity of electricity generation that is connected to the distribution grid, amount of energy received from and supplied to the power grid by the generating users, and the overall consumption of electricity.

“The importance of open data for economic growth and environmental improvement is growing. We hope that the opened up data will not only contribute to greater confidence in the company and increase in transparency, but will also encourage the development of new services and technologies”, - says Dominykas Tučkus, the Member of the Board and the Director of Infrastructure and Development.

The opened up data may become an important tool not only for business that gets access to the data for commercial purposes, but also for private clients. They may use the data for educational or personal purposes. Players in the energy sector may use the data to improve the quality of their services and to make their business management more effective. Opening up data increases business transparency and customer engagement and confidence.

Opening up of data by Lietuvos energija creates a channel through which interested parties can easily and simply access energy-related data and express their need for such data. We strongly invite everyone, to whom the available data may be relevant, to submit proposals and requests“, - says Mindaugas Pranaitis, the Head of the Innovation and Services Development Division Energijos skirstymo operatorius. The opened up data of the Innovation Hub of Lietuvos Energija Group is readily accessible and free of charge. It can be found on the website at

Currently 4 open datasets are available online:
• Prosumers are the users that have solar power plants or wind turbines that generate energy for own needs. This data set provides information on the geographic distribution of generating consumers and electrical output installed.
• Daily profiles of prosumers – data of electricity every hour received from and supplied to the power grid.
• Total electricity consumption - data collected in 2018 from approximately 1.7 million electricity users in Lithuania. The data covers both household and commercial users.

The opened up data is characterized by availability and accessibility - it is presented in a structured, human-readable and machine-readable format. Data is easy to read, copy, edit, and distribute. Everyone has the right to re-use and disseminate data irrespective of the person or group who or that does this and in what field.