Bolt scooters are charged using only green Ignitis electricity in the Baltic states

18 August 2021
Bolt scooters are charged using only green Ignitis electricity in the Baltic states
A smart energy solutions company Ignitis is building its cooperation with Bolt, the leading European transportation platform. From now on, green electricity generated by Kaunas hydro powerplant and a wind farm located near Tamba-Mäli, Estonia, will be used to charge all Bolt scooters rolling in the Baltic states. It is estimated that charging Bolt scooters in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia uses approximately 512 MWh of energy per year, thus using Ignitis green energy will allow to reduce the CO2 emissions by almost 220 tonnes.

Bolt scooters rolling in 10 cities of Lithuania are being charged using green Ignitis electricity since April already. The same has been achieved in Latvia and Estonia mid-August.

Ignitis provided Bolt with electricity certificates of origin, proving that scooters are being charged using electricity generated from 100% renewable energy sources.

“Energy solutions that are more friendly to the environment and conserve it are vital for fighting climate challenges on the rapid rise. Using green energy in micro-mobility services not only help reducing negative effect on the environment, but also pushes the envelope of utilisation of renewable energy sources. Additionally, partnership of Ignitis and Bolt helps spread the message about responsible and sustainable e-mobility even more”, says Haroldas Nausėda, Chief B2B Clients and Expansion Officer at Ignitis.

Eimantas Balta, managing Bolt e-scooter expansion in the Baltic states, notes that transition towards sustainable charging of scooters is a part of sustainability manifesto published by the company. Under it Bolt aims that the company’s operation processes have positive impact on the environment.

“We are continuously striving for sustainably improving operations and we want to be leaders in the Baltic states in this area. Therefore, we are not only expanding accessibility of environment-friendly transportation, but also looking for ways how to ensure sustainable logistics, production of the scooters and other processes related to this service. I am happy that Ignitis provides an opportunity to charge e-scooters using electricity that conserves nature. This way, everyone who rides a Bolt scooter is contributing in many ways to the reduction of pollution”, states Mr Balta.

Bolt scooters track about 90,000 kilometres every day in the cities of the Baltic states.