New General Manager of Ignitis subsidiary in Finland appointed

05 July 2021
New General Manager of Ignitis subsidiary in Finland appointed

The General Manager selection process for Ignitis Suomi, the subsidiary of the smart energy solutions company Ignitis is now completed. The position was awarded to Aleksei Novitsky, who has almost thirty years of experience in the energy sector, has been representing Ignitis on the Finnish market since last October and was responsible for the development of the company in this country.

Previously, A. Novitsky acted in various leading positions of the Finnish natural gas company Gasum, consulting company Pöyry serving companies in energy, industry and transport sectors, as well as other companies. He is a member of board in waste oil recycling and refining company STR Tecoil Oy.

“Recent Ignitis activity in Finland revealed that the energy market in this country creates many new opportunities - we have already managed to gain significant trust of local customers and became one of the main alternative gas suppliers. Aleksei’s international business experience and extensive knowledge of the Finnish energy sector will help in ensuring further efficient activities of Ignitis Suomi as well as opportunities for development.” says Haroldas Nausėda, Board member of Ignitis and Director for B2B Clients and Expansion.

“The energy industry is undergoing fundamental transformation, becoming less reliant on fossil fuels, increasing digitalization and cross-border trade. This offers opportunities for open-minded companies such as Ignitis, which, in short time, has built an impressive record as a reliable supplier for Finnish industry. This is also an exciting opportunity personally to be able to leverage my experience and help Ignitis to make an impact beyond gas and become a household name for our clients in Finland. ” says A. Novitsky.

Ignitis, operating in the Finnish market and supplying natural gas to its business customers since January 1, 2020, this February decided to establish a subsidiary company, Ignitis Suomi Oy, to better serve growing Finnish clientele and engage potential new clients and business partners.

Together with Baltic States and Poland, Finland is considered to be one of the home markets of Ignitis group, which are given the main priority.

To private and business customers, Ignitis offers a range of smart energy solutions generating added value from solar energy and efficient energy consumption to emobility. By creating innovation, Ignitis helps its customers to become energy smart in order to make their life easier. Smart energy solutions company Ignitis also supplies electricity and natural gas to more than 1.5 million customers in Lithuania and is one of the leading gas suppliers in Finland. Ignitis owns companies in Latvia, Estonia, Finland and Poland, which operate in the fields of electricity and natural gas trading and supply.