Ignitis Renewables signed a commitment to the local communities

23 November 2020
Ignitis Renewables signed a commitment to the local communities

Ignitis Renewables, an Ignitis Group’s company managing renewable energy projects in the Baltics and Poland, together with other members of the Lithuanian Wind Power Association (LVEA), signed a commitment to the local communities. This document will provide and detail the essential principles of commitments which the members of LVEA developing wind energy projects shall commit to.

“Ignitis Renewables contributes towards the implementation of strategic goals of Ignitis Group to increase its green production portfolio and, in recent years, actively invests into wind farms in Lithuania and abroad. We are developing several new wind farms and are planning the expansion of assets of capacity, therefore, the cooperation of communities is vital to us. We understand that we must coordinate wind energy development with the added value to the community members, that is why we are encouraging bilateral dialogue with the communities”, said general manager of Ignitis Renewables Aleksandr Spiridonov.

You can find the memorandum of the Lithuanian wind energy sector regarding the commitments to the communities here (link).

At the moment Ignitis Group’s companies own four wind farm projects in Lithuania with the total capacity of 58 MW and 18 MW-capacity operational wind farm in Estonia. 94 MW-capacity Pomerania wind farm in Poland is under construction and should be operational in 2021. In about three-years-time Mažeikiai wind farm will start producing green energy with its total operational capacity of 63 MW.