Ignitis Group has published a Supplier Code of Ethics: it invites to cooperate in striving for sustainability

28 July 2021
 Ignitis Group has published a Supplier Code of Ethics: it invites to cooperate in striving for sustainability

An international energy company Ignitis Group has prepared a Supplier Code of Ethics and invites suppliers of the company and all its subsidiaries (hereinafter referred to as the Group) to comply with it. The Group will strive that anyone seeking to provide services, supply goods or perform works to the Group companies are aware of and comply with its provisions.

The Group Supplier Code of Ethics is prepared according to the best international guidelines and reflects the Group's commitment to strengthening sustainable cooperation with suppliers by promoting legal, professional and fair business practices that incorporate environmental, social responsibility and business ethics objectives.

“In order to implement the strategy of Ignitis Group, we are constantly improving our activities, setting ourselves higher requirements than those set out in the regulatory environment, including sustainability requirements. We have set out our responsibilities in the Code of Ethics of the Group, so we wish to invite also the Group’s supply chain participants to comply with the same high business standards”, says Darius Maikštėnas, Chair of the Management Board and CEO at Ignitis Group.

The Group Supplier Code of Ethics sets out standards of business conduct that all suppliers are expected to comply with and, where possible, exceed. It is also expected that suppliers will encourage subcontractors to comply with the requirements set out. In accordance with the provisions of the Code, suppliers should regularly evaluate their activities and seek solutions for further improvement based on best environmental, social and business ethics and good governance practices.

"We are one of the largest groups of energy companies in the Baltic States and, at the same time, one of the largest buyers of various goods, works and services. During the year, all Group companies carry out about 3,200 public and commercial procurements. Thus, we believe that this code, by helping to improve the sustainability of our Group's supply chains, will contribute to a more sustainable future for all of us”, says Inga Macijauskienė, Head of Group Procurement.

The provision encouraging the Group’s suppliers to comply with the Supplier Code of Ethics will be included in all new contracts concluded by the Group companies. The Group intends to focus a lot on communication and cooperation with service providers, suppliers of goods and contractors hoping that this code will encourage the market to increase the number of suppliers that strive to operate sustainably.

Acknowledging the fact that currently it could be difficult for some suppliers to implement all provisions of the Supplier Code of Ethics, the Group will invite those suppliers who face difficulties to work together in order to find possible solutions. According to Inga Macijauskienė, an honest notification of possible non-conformities shall not affect the supplier's relationship with the Group if the Supplier will cooperate, take action to eliminate this non-conformity and then eliminates it.

The Ignitis Group Supplier Code of Ethics can be found on the company's website at: www.ignitisgrupe.lt/en/information-suppliers. It will also be published on the websites of other Group companies.

Supplier Code of Ethics