All 29 wind turbines have been installed in the wind farm in Poland developed by Ignitis Group

03 December 2020
All 29 wind turbines have been installed in the wind farm in Poland developed by Ignitis Group

The construction of Pomerania wind farm, which belongs to international energy company Ignitis Group, reached a significant point of development. The final wind turbine was installed at the end of November. Turbines installation was initiated in the middle of May in one of the largest wind farms in Poland.

The Pomerania wind farm, which is the first Ignitis Groups’ project of its kind in Poland, comprises 29 wind turbines with a nominal capacity of approximately 3–3.3 MW.

“Completion of Pomerania wind farm is another important step towards the decarbonisation of the Poland energy system. It is also exceptionally important to Ignitis Group because it will increase the green generation portfolio of the Group and strengthen the company's position in the growing renewable energy sector of the neighbouring country”, says Darius Maikštėnas, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Ignitis Group.

It is estimated that the Pomerania wind farm will start operating at full capacity (94 MW) beginning from spring of 2021, when the turbine connection to the grid and other unfinished works are complete. The total annual generated electricity will amount to 300 GWh, which will power around 160,000 households every year with clean energy.

Planned investments to the project is estimated at about EUR 127 million.

The green generation development is one of core priorities of sustainability goals of Ignitis Group, which are established in the long-term strategy of the company. Ignitis Group is working to develop green generation capacities with the total operational capacity of 4 GW by 2030. Additionally to Pomerania wind farm in Poland, the Group develops similar projects in Lithuania too. The wind farm project in Mažeikiai region, where 14 wind turbines with the total capacity of up to 63 MW will generate green electricity, is currently under development.

About Ignitis Group:

Ignitis Group is one of the largest international utilities and renewable energy companies in the Baltic region. Its core business activities are operating electricity and gas distribution networks, as well as expanding green generation portfolio. The Group also manages strategically important flexible generation resources, offers customers solutions of solar energy, e-mobility, energy efficiency and other innovative energy-smart services for households and businesses. Ignitis Group operates in its home markets – Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and Finland – as well as evaluates opportunities in other countries on the energy transition path.